1. I’m in the hospital so I may or may not be blogging a lot depending on the rules

  2. 21:54 19th Aug 2014

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    (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) he’s my favorite person

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    Will and Kate are honestly the cutest

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@GuitarmanDan: This isn’t gonna end well.

    @GuitarmanDan: This isn’t gonna end well.

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    I’m never gonna stop loving WMYB I’m never gonna get tired of it I’ll be dead and buried and I’ll hear that cowbell from underground and I’ll rise up to jam to the best song in the fucking WORLD

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    lets be real if one of the 5sos boys hit you up but it wasn’t your fav you’re not going to say no

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    thank god. its david beckham

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    “@harrylul:Pictures of drunk Liam that I got from a security guard from after one of the gillette shows! Credit me!

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